Competency Training

Employers are starting to change the way that they assess potential candidates because they want to ensure that they hire people who can remain with the company for years because of their compatibility. Assessments go so much farther than they used to go a few years back. They don't only look at a potential candidate's suitability from a superficial level anymore. These testing modules go deeper as they want to explore the competency level of each person who applies for a position. competency training may now be a necessary part of new-hire training, as well. 

Extra information about competency training

What Is Competency?

Competencies consists of a group of job-related items that make up a category of understanding and ability to perform one's job. A competency consists of the knowledge level that one has in a certain position, the experience level, the individual skill items, the behaviors that one would exhibit in the job and more. When these competencies are reviewed together, they give the organization an overview of how likely one is to be able to develop into a key player on the team.

How Competency Is Measured

One way that one's competency is measured is by the level of proficiency that he or she has in a particular area. The level works on a scale of NA to 5. NA is, of course, not applicable. A person who is at a level-one status only has basic knowledge or fundamental awareness of a certain position. For example, the person knows what a cashier is but is not familiar with a majority of the duties. The level-five person is a recognized authority on the matter. This is most likely a person who has been cashiering for a decade and has received many awards for his or her performance in such a job position.

How Does One Build Competency?

A person can take competency lessons inside of the job or outside of the job. Fore example, a person who desires to be a customer service rep can take a competency-based program for customer service, which should help the person to get a general idea of how to support an organization once hired. After the individual gets a job, the employer can put that person through various programs to help him or her to grow in competencies and proficiency.

How to Measure Your Competency Before Applying

Skills assessments can help a potential candidate to see how much work may be involved with getting that individual competent for a specific job. Taking such a test can save the person time and money if it discloses that the person is not fit for the occupation that he or she thought was fitting. The person can then take another avenue.