Google adwords for restaurants

Do you have a business in the hospitality sector and would you like to get more clients? In today’s article we’ll explain how to get the most out of Google Ads (AdWords) for Restaurants campaigns, according to your goals and the characteristics of your location.

Why should you advertise your restaurant on Google Ads?

Google is currently the largest online advertising platform in the world, ahead even of the “giant” Facebook (and its Facebook Ads platform) and millions of people seek daily information about hotel business of all kinds in this online search engine: Restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlours, etc.. Therefore, not appearing in Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is missing great opportunities to reach your target audience and increase the influx of customers to your local.

Online advertising for a physical business (offline)?

Of course! Did you doubt it? A large part of potential customers who want to go to lunch or dinner at a restaurant do not just look for strolling through the streets, but enter the Internet and:

  • Look at Google Maps to see Restaurants in the area.
  • They review users’ opinions to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Consult photos, prices, menus, etc.
  • They make reservations online through a contact form or look for the phone to make the reservation this way.
  • Etc.

There are many possibilities that the online channel offers to increase the clientele of offline businesses and thereby improve their turnover.

Campaigns in Google Ads (Adwords) for Restaurants

The keys to make a Google Ads campaign in conditions for a Restaurant are the following:

#1. Aims and Objectives

It seems obvious, but not stopping to think about what the main objective is and the secondary objectives of your business can lead a restaurant to failure.

The next question is: Is my website fully focused on achieving my primary goal? And the secondary ones?

For example, if your main objective is to get reservations for your restaurant, you will have to have a website optimized for capturing the data of customers interested in making a reservation and make it as easy as possible:

  • To put a short Form in the header of the web, in the Home (and even in internal pages) so that the user does not even have to scroll with the mouse to launch to make the reservation.
  • Put a Phone in sight and even give the customer the possibility to leave his phone so that a person in charge of the restaurant can call him for free.

On the other hand, if your secondary objective is, for example, that your clients increase their expenses when they come to the restaurant, offer them extras (examples: tasting menus, special wines, attendance at events, menus for groups, special dishes, etc.) on the same website and encourage them to ask for them when they come (we also advise you to offer extras in the restaurant itself).

Another secondary objective may be that customers come to your restaurant on specific dates. In the same way, your website should reflect the calendar and / or opening hours and to encourage customers to book on some dates more than others, always tends to help the existence of offers and promotions.

Take care of your image

Your website is your online presentation card, so don’t miss the opportunity to give a good impression to your potential customers to convince them to become diners.

Your restaurant can be classic, romantic, casual, familiar, traditional… it is important that you do not try to cover everything and that you focus on a niche market with potential that makes you stand out from your competition. Also, your website should reflect the character of your restaurant from the first second the user enters.

#What campaign to use to advertise your restaurant on Google Ads?

Each type of Google Ads campaign is designed to get results in different ways. We show you in general what each type of advertising campaign is useful for:

  • Search Campaigns:

They are the most basic Google Ads campaigns and serve to appear in Google Search results, above and below the organic results. These are text ads that work by bids and are based on keywords that you must indicate when managing the campaign from the Google Ads Panel.

They are perfect campaigns for all types of businesses that offer services, such as restaurants. This type of text ads offer the possibility of adding Phone Extensions, Location and Prices, three ways to highlight very interesting ads for hospitality businesses.

They are campaigns that, well managed, manage to attract potential customers effectively thanks to the “game” that gives the use of keywords.

We do not recommend appearing for excessively general keywords such as “restaurant”, as it is normal that they have more competition and therefore a higher cost per click (CPC). The ideal is to bet on specific keywords aligned with the reality of your restaurant and the searches of your potential customers (for example, “Japanese restaurant in Seville”, “restaurant for groups in Barcelona”, etc.), and limit the location of your ads (for example, if your restaurant is in Tenerife, the ideal is that your ads only go out when a person looks for a restaurant in Tenerife specifically, even if it is in another location, or when a person located in Tenerife looks for a restaurant, even if it does not specify the location).

  • Display Campaigns:

Display campaigns are very focused on branding (to spread your brand image) and its format can be image or text. Normally ads have a lower cost per click (CPC) than Search ads, but on the other hand, usually your CTR is much lower, that is, fewer people click on ads compared to the times the ad is displayed (impressions). They also tend to be less effective at getting conversions, but they are highly efficient when you’re looking to make your brand visible and reach as many people as possible for a low price.

  • Remarketing Campaigns:

Remarketing campaigns are a type of Display that are only shown to those people who have previously visited the web. They are very effective campaigns to “convince” those users who had not decided to make the reservation (or any other conversion) and to get the user who had already made a reservation, repeat (customer loyalty).

#3. What should accompany your Google Ads ad strategy for your restaurant?

If you have decided to give a boost to your hotel business on the Internet, do not limit yourself to a marketing strategy with Google Ads. There are other channels with which you can complement your campaigns to attract more users and loyalty to your current customers.

  • SEO

Working correctly the SEO positioning of your website will get up in the rankings of certain keywords that interest you to get organic visits through Google and other search engines such as Bing. The main advantage over the SEM is that they are free visits (you pay nothing per click, as happens in Google Ads), but has the disadvantage that it is not an “immediate” positioning, but is a constant work with which results are obtained in the medium to long term.

  • Social Media:

The correct attention of your social networks is essential to build loyalty to your current customers and establish close relationships with your potential customers (resolve doubts, confirm reservations and much more). It’s the closest way to get first hand contact with your customers online, before or after they come to your restaurant.

Senior restaurants, a concept that is a hit!

The city of Toulouse has set up the concept of senior restaurants, where you can eat well for less than €4 while chatting with your neighbour. With the opening of its eleventh restaurant at the beginning of March, we can say that it was a success!

A few years ago, Toulouse City Hall launched the concept of senior restaurants. It is a place where the elderly can enjoy a good meal for less than €4 and especially come out of their isolation. The aim of the municipality was to “develop proximity and solidarity”. And the bet is quite successful.

Eleven restaurants have already opened in and around Toulouse. The youngest, the restaurant La Terrasse, was inaugurated on March 1st. A twelfth school is also planned for the end of 2016. A service that is therefore a great success with Toulouse residents! It is reserved for the inhabitants of the city and only for those over 60 years old and therefore makes it possible to bring citizens together and even forge new friendships. Be careful, remember to book a week in advance in the restaurant where you want to have lunch.